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Online Basketball Betting

The second most popular sport after football is basketball, since it has around 2.2 billion fans globally, specifically the NBA and WNBA. There are also a lot of local and national basketball leagues that get fans excited every season.

To maximize your full potential, you should try basketball betting on VOdds and get the best basketball betting odds for both pre-match and in-play betting through our partner bookmakers.

There are a lot of leagues and matches available on VOdds like the most popular NBA professional basketball league in the United States of America, and the NCAA college basketball, widely regarded as the last step before being drafted in the NBA teams, we also cover EuroLeague popular in Spain, Germany, Russia, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, France, Greece, Israel, and Lithuania.

We even cover underdog basketball leagues in different countries as you can get more chances to win your bets if you really study about these less popular leagues.

How to Bet on Basketball?

Ofcourse, the first step is to register on VOdds, and check the available matches. Then you can proceed with depositing in your wallet and start to place your bets.

Basketball betting is a bit different from football betting. First of all, there are two main types of bets you can make on basketball: point spreads and money lines. Point spread bets are like betting a team will win by more than a certain number of points. Money line bets are about picking who will win the game without considering any other factors like time or score differential.

Point spreads are generally easier to predict than money lines because they focus on only one aspect: which team will win by more points at the end of the game. And if you're not sure about which team to pick, then it is necessary to do some readings or watch some podcasts.

Monitor the upcoming schedules as well and keep an eye out for a few key players who may be joining or leaving the team. You also need to assess how well the team is currently playing and what their chances of winning are.

Aside from the two mentioned above, there are different ways to bet on basketball. One way is to bet on individual games. You can also bet on basketball odds for the whole season.

Tips and Tricks on Basketball Bets

There are many different factors that affect how you should bet on basketball: injuries, player trades, coaching changes, movement in the management, and more.

Most experts recommend betting on more popular leagues and teams so you have many available resources that you can read and analyze. For example, you want to bet on the Golden State Warriors since they are more popular, you can easily watch their past games and analyze player statistics and all that to give you a head start on betting on the NBA starting with that team.

The NBA is split into Easter conference and Western conference and with three divisions each per season. So you would want to study about which teams are playing against each other and get firsthand information from tipsters and bettors.

Another popular league for more experienced punters is the NCAA "March Madness" in the USA with around 68 teams where you can find more interesting plot twists and head to head battles.

VOdds offers profitable guidelines and betting tips to support our comprehensive odds from our array of bookies for the regular NBA season, and other local, national, and international leagues.

Check out our betting strategies and tips for any basketball league and try them yourself!